Nature Is the Greatest Teacher of the World!!

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NATURE is the greatest teacher of the world!!
“Observe the nature carefully
With its big and small creatures
That teaches us the great lessons of life”

Nowadays due to rat race in day-to-day living, human beings are alienated from nature. It teaches us real selflessness, true renunciation and sacrifice etc. We can thus learn a great deal from nature.
Nature is a silent teacher, friend, philosopher and guide. It removes all our pain, agonies, despairs and grieves. If we become merged with it we find ourselves in an elevated state of consciousness.
The nature shows all her wealth irrespective of who we are and what we are. It never distinguishes between good or bad, rather removes all the negativities. It fills us with all positive
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We will reach our greatest potentials.
Each plant is different. Some need to be watered once a week and some more often. Some need direct sunlight, others just a spot of sun. Each plant is unique. Each plant will respond to proper care and maintenance.
Metaphorically, nature teaches us that each person just needs to be treated with care and be handled in the proper “light” to thrive at their best capabilities. When we take the time to learn what those specific things are, we watch our friends and loved ones “flourish” to realms in their life beyond all expectations…because “the only limits are those we place on ourselves” for there are no limits.
Nature teaches us many things through TREES. A tree 40yrs all with great height and spread, still stands, but just few feet above the ground when its cut….years to build itself…but all down for an axe. Still the trees stands and shoots again with the same smile and zeal of a tender shoots just out of a seed. The smile is as innocent as an infant’s.
A trees grows not with the depression that it has been cut for the roots that are still with it. This tells let your hope never die, loosing or troubles should not take away our smile or zeal. Your past happiness is like the roots of a tree no one and nothing can erase. Tree still sustains when some of its roots are damaged. Depression does have its own essence in nature.
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