Nature vs Nurture: Do Genes Or Environment Matter More? Essay

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Throughout the years, it has been debated whether people are born the way they will be forever or if the society they grow in creates all of their attributes. This nature versus nurture debate affects many aspects of life, including the treatment of serial killers and psychopaths, and recognition of emotional and mental disorders, the acceptance of homosexuality, and even video game regulation. The nature theory states that only a person’s genes develop their personality, while the nurture theory states that personality is developed only because of the impact of society (human). This debate has been a controversial issue since the beginning of sociology, the study of society and its impact on the humans that live in it …show more content…

This data provides support for the nature theory, backing up the idea that emotional disorders are strictly from birth. In addition, though the majority of serial killers lack education, they still possess wit and cleverness, making them naturally candidates for violent behavior. Even though they lack schooling, a major component of nurture, serial killers tend to naturally have components that make them ideal for being a killer. Also, twins have strikingly similar behaviors, even when reared apart. Identical twins share 100% of their DNA and fraternal twins share 50% of their DNA (Powell), and are created in the same womb simultaneously, providing optimal conditions for determining if DNA is the ultimate factor in personality development. When brought up together, they often exhibit very similar traits. In one case where two identical twins were brought up apart, they still exhibited very similar traits (Powell), providing evidence that DNA is the main contributor to peoples’ personalities. Although there is evidence supporting the nature theory, many sociologists today believe that personality is developed through society one is placed in. For example, reaction to narcotics would be the same all over the world if DNA provided personality. Instead, drunks in eastern Bolivia and Oaxaca, Mexico are not aggressive when drunk like Americans and many eastern Europeans are. If it was human

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