Nazi Germany And The Soviet Union Under The Rule Of Adolf Hitler

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Totalitarianism is a governmental system where the country acknowledges no boundaries to its power and where the country dominates all social means in an attempt to invade and control all perspectives of private and public life. This is achieved through the country 's use of technology, propaganda, and horror. A totalitarian government tries to not only control all political and economic factors, but also the values, attitudes, and ideas of its overall population, eradicating the existing society with a utopian one. Many totalitarian methods, however, have distinguished ideological intentions. For example, the states most generally characterized as totalitarian are the Soviet Union under Joseph Stalin and Nazi Germany under the rule of Adolf Hitler. To control the population and to expand the message of the country, propaganda was an excellent weapon. The media is governed by the state and the free press does not exist. Both dictators also do not allow public consultation, public opinion and disagreement is flattened through a that regularly kills dissidents. Both dictators exploit the usage of forced labor camps where many died in either concentration camps in Germany and Gulag camps in the Soviet Union. An unprecedented number of people in both countries were murdered if they were thought to be enemies of the state. Thesis: Both Stalin and Hitler committed some of the worst violations in history to achieve full authority. The most critical being the confinement and
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