Neck Elongating Culture

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From the beginning of time, woman have done many things to change or modify their bodies. From getting a simple henna tattoo, to getting a major plastic surgery, woman have gone about many ways to change themselves. Neck elongating is one of the many ways that people adjust there bodies. Although some of these practices are very minor and the effects on them are reversible, neck elongating is not. The practice of neck elongating in Asia has a negative impact on the community because it leads to permanent damage, results in starting at a young age, and causes the rings to bring self confidence. Most importantly, the practice of neck elongating has a negative impact on the community because it leads to health issues. According to one source, …show more content…

This means they also do not get to chose how many things they get and at what age they want to start (Du Toit). One source states that “The neck rings are a form of branding” (“Neck Elongating”). For example, if men from another tribe were to try to capture any women from any tribes they would not pick the women with the rings because it was easy to see which tribe they were from. Lastly, the rings really start to affect the body at the age of twelve (“Neck Ring”). This is the age that the rings start to shift the bones in their body. Finally, The neck rings are not suitable for women because they bring false self confidence. One source said, “These women wear the rings to look better for other people” (“Neck Ring”). This means they are harming themselves for men. Also, the rings are started when they are young (“Paudang Ring”). Clearly, they could hate them when they’re older, but can not do anything about it. Lastly, some of them are only confident because of the rings (“Neck Elongating”). If they were to take off the rings they would feel bad about

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