Negative Effects Of Cultural Globalization

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The Negative Points of Cultural Globalization Ji Eun Kim (Stacey) ILSC-Toronto Cultural globalization has negative aspects because of cultural toadyism, cultural uniformity, and its political influence. I. Cultural globalization causes cultural toadyism. A. Small countries may blindly follow the culture of powerful nations. 1. The small and weak countries will follow powerful countries’ cultures, even it is not good. B. They cannot judge reasonably because of the power of the nations. 1. They will be forced to accept the powerful culture, because of the powerful nations they cannot have time to think that the culture is suitable for them. C. The specific countries’ industry of culture might be declined. 1. It can cause people’s conflict. There are people who feel threatened by foreign culture. Ⅱ. Cultural globalization causes cultural uniformity. A. Small number of cultures may disappear, and diversity will be disappeared. 1. When small countries accept another culture, it is possible to lose their own culture. The majority culture will dominate the minority. a. In Korea, it is too rare to find a traditional and antique building. B. Many countries will not try to maintain their traditional culture. 1. Cultural globalization makes culture itself obsolete. C. Culture is not worth anymore. 1. People do not consume various cultures because it is not worth anymore. a. People can get products from China too easily, even in their countries, so, the products are not special anymore. Ⅲ. Cultural globalization makes culture have different meaning. A. Culture may be interpreted politically because it is consumed worldwide. 1. Culture can be a weapon. B. Culture cannot exist in it. 1. It is sticking with politic. The reputation of culture will depend on the country not on itself. a. In Japan, there were some issues about Korean historical movies. C. Some country will use culture as an excuse. 1. Culture has a powerful influence on the relationship between nations. When one country wants to exclude another country, culture is a good excuse. Today, we live in a global village. Physically, people are far away. However, beyond the physical distances, people all around
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