Negative Effects Of Technology On Society

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Technology is a vital part of today’s society. People use everyday talking to friends, communicating for others, and more. Technology is mostly a negative influence on people’s identities because it grants power without responsibilities, promotes narcissism, and can be dangerous to others (misuse). Over the years, technology has become an increasingly integral part of our world. As the numbers of social media users grew, the population of people who are narcissistic grew as well. A narcissist is A person who believes they are better than everyone else. add more…
Originally, social media was meant to connect others to each other, like the telephone has. But now, people are commenting around the clock. Boosting some people’s opinions, and severely degrading others. People are now constantly texting their friends across the room, when they could easily talk face to face. According to I Narcissist, vanities, social media, and the human condition, twenty percent of the world blogs their lives on a daily basis. That’s 1.5 billion people a day! Also according to I narcissist… Millennials are especially vulnerable to narcissism and negative feedback from social media. This means that more children than ever are becoming narcissistic at an alarming rate because of external feedback. External feedback is when you get responses from multiple people on a topic, idea, etc. Because of social media, people are being conditioned to crave external feedback more and more. This

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