Negative Effects Of Violent Video Games

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Violent video games bring negative effect to teenagers
Now video games are getting more and more popular, and teenagers like to play them. However, many parents are worry about that some types of game are not suitable for teenagers, like violent video games, they believe it will bring some negative effect to teenagers. Although parents believe that violent video games are harmful, it cannot be banned. Therefore, the parents should supervise their children play the violent video games. In many people’s view, violent video game possible bring negative effect to teenagers in three ways, psychological, morality and aggressive behavior.
As people know, adolescents are immature, and their psychological are easily affected. So, it is easy to understand that violent video games can influence teenager’s psychological. In the articles, the authors also show this view. Firstly, teenagers have more conflict. Teenagers are irrational, so they are impulsive. When they argue with other people, they are easily imitating the violent video games, and harm others. In the article, the author shows that teenagers have more negative emotion (Kirsh, 2003, p381). Secondly, teenagers are easy controlled by their negative emotion. This is because of the hormone in adolescents (Kirsh, 2003, p382). Therefore, let teenagers play violent games is irrational. Finally, teenagers are easy to remember negative information. “Research on mood congruent memory suggests that individuals with a negative mood are

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