Negative Impact Of Playing Video Games

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Betheleham Amare
Professor McCloud
English 1101
Research Paper
16 November 2017 Impact of Playing Video Games Video games have been very common types of entertainment in every family and around the globe. They can be played on computers, cellphones, TVs and other electronics. The video game market has become one of the fastest growing businesses and comes in a variety of categories. The impact of video games on the player’s behavior has been controversial for decades. The advocates claim that video games are more than simply a fun that one plays during spare time. They strongly believe that video games are important for cognitive skill development, stress relief, prosocial behavior and reducing mental health disorders. On the other
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In the last 25 years, video games become very common public debates, especially following the school shootings in late 1990s. The killers were believed to exercise the acting role in the video game they were playing (Gimpel 7-21). Much research has been conducted regarding the effects of video games on the behavior of children. The results of the research are controversy; some claims positive effects and others debates for the negative. On top of this, video games have continued to be developed and used in highly attractive ways using the state of the art technologies.
One of the positive effects of a video game is cognitive skill development. Players of action video games develop better hand to eye coordination systems and skill to remember changing objects. As compared to the non-players, action video game players developed enhanced attentional capacity (Green 1). There are also experimental results that shows video games increase the cognition and problem-solving skills of the players (Bavelier 26-31). On the contrary, there are research results that debate video games will cause aggressive cognition. Paul Lynch presents that children who expose themselves to violent video games usually get in frequent argument with their teachers, are more likely involved in physical fights and perform poorly in school. He concluded that violent video games are a risk factor for aggressive behavior (8). The debate seems endless. There is a
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