Negative Impact of Media on Children

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Negative Impact of Media on Children Imagine how boring people's lives will be if there is no media in the world. There is a vast variety of media popular today among young students and children. The most typical forms of media include video games, computer games and TV programs. It is an undeniable fact that media is very important in people's daily lives. However, media brings negative influences on young students to some extent. In general, it effects their education, influence the way they think, and they lives with their families. Using too much media has a negative impact on young children because it could be harmful for student test scores, behavior, and communication with family members. First of all, media can…show more content…
Therefore, David Bickham, PhD of Children's Hospital, states that " I think the critical thing is to tell parents to take the TV out of the kid's room because we're finding some evidence that TV is splitting families" (Marshall, 1). All in all, media bring negative impacts on family relationships of young children. In conclusion, media does influence young students and children in many aspects. Lack of self-control make young students spend so much time in media that they have less time in studying and communication with family members, and it brings adverse impact on young students education and family relationships. Moreover, lack of good judgment makes young students imitates improper behaviors in the media. Therefore, young students shouldn't spend too much time with media and it is better to spend the time in some healthy activities. In the future, parents should monitor their children time management to make them grow up in an excellent
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