Negative Self Body Image

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“Booty, booty, booty!” The instructor of the Brazilian booty class continues to shout at us. Thirty girls trying to transform their bodies to match the models they see in magazines surround me. The girls look at the mirror in front of them and see imperfection. As I see myself in the mirror, I reflect on the negative feedback society has imprinted on the girls’ minds in the room about how their butt should look, making them want to squat and strain to reach an ideal body. Since the media is affecting these young college girls already so heavily, I will look back at childhood in order to source the roots of negative self body image in boys and girls.
From a young age, my little brother and sister, Andrew and Jada, have both been bombarded with toys setting unrealistic standards of beauty. Disney releases so many products and toys every year that it has left the kids’ market “saturated by a field of products” (Lacroix 216). Disney floods the already Barbie saturated market with princess dolls. The products found on the shelves become a little girl’s reality when she plays dress up with her dolls, leaving her vulnerable to the trap of wanting to emulate her dolls’ looks. The girl “can come very close to, at least materially, recreating those “lives” in their own living rooms”(Lacroix 217). What happens when there is no way to actually look like the toys? Girls do not come to the conclusion of the toys being fake and unrealistic; instead, girls obsess, wanting to reach stick

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