Negative Self-Talk Speech

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Have you ever thought to yourself before a game ‘wow I’m going to lose”, “I’m not good enough”, “I’m terrible at this” which was overexaggerating and de-motivating? Negative self-talk can affect your performance whether this is a decrease in your enjoyment, increase in your frustration and cause you to have increased stress or anxiety about your performance. The positive aspect about negative thoughts is that it is a learned behaviour which can be changed because if you can learn to be negative you can learn to be positive. The beneficial effect of self-talk on cognitive anxiety is consistent with theoretical statements that self-talk is the core of anxiety. Also, findings that by reducing negative or anxious self-talk results in less anxious states. This makes a lot of sense as have you ever been down on yourself and suddenly either yourself or someone else has said “you need to stop this and be happier” and all of a sudden, your entire mood changes and you are. One way to stop negative self-talk is to recognise your negative thought, have a cue to stop you whether this be saying “stop” or “no” and then take a deep breath and replace it with a rational, constructive thought.
It may be naïve to focus solely on reducing negative self-talk as it is important for a balance of positive and negative thoughts for well-being and your state-of-mind (Schwartz & Garamoni, 1986). As research indicates that negative self-talk is not associated with reduced performance therefore there
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