Negative Speech

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Waking up in the morning complaining and being grumpy that seems like me all the time. At the time, all I can remember is my mom busting right through the door telling me to wake up and get ready for school. All I can think is why is everyone talking to me please stop its to early. I sit on my bed for a minute or two and inhale everything that is going on. Ever since I could remember my mom has always told me this out of everyone in our household because she knows I complain about everything. My mom tells me this Every day you have a choice… The choice to wake up happy and peaceful or to wake up complaining, complaining about what you don’t have enough of- (Not) enough money, enough choices, enough opportunities etc. If you chose the end…show more content…
No matter what I did even if I said one word that wasn’t even doing any harm she would yell at me. Soon I just started letting it go from one year to another cause I knew no matter what I did I was going to get the blame for it. Sometimes I would think maybe im the one who’s wrong not her for yelling at me because she was prolly saying that cause I could have karma and it could backfire on me and I’d prolly be the one looking stupid but then I would think again like no maybe its her and my brothers . My father he didn’t really care unless it was a joke that all of sudden turned into a huge outbreak . He was always like go with a flow he just wanted us to learn from his mistakes he didn’t care about other people and there wrongs. He would be so chill and aid back and just explain to us calmly but it was always based off of his mood at that certain time . I knew how my parents really grew up in a tough environment not so much my mom but my father did . I never realized how real it was until I saw it with my own eyes . Growing up he was a trouble child and he didn’t really listen to what his parents said he used to ditch school , he was in a gang for 11 years , and he sold drugs . My mom she was a good child she had straight A’s in school she was always respectful . So soon me and my brothers were born they decided to change there life style my dad didn’t want us to be like him and we honestly didn’t want
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