Negatives In The Millennial Generation

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Millennials are said to be that generation that only cares about themselves. They consist of people born between the years of 1981-1997. People always joke about how “dumb” or “conceited” the millennial generation is. Even social media brings attention to the negative portrayal society as a whole has on the Millennial generation. However, research proves that millennials are in fact the opposite. In reality, the Millennial generation is shown to be more diverse, are seen to be more generous than any other generation, and consist of citizens with a higher education.Many stereotypes stem from the negative attributes a person makes and it becomes to generalize the entire population. The stereotype that Millennials are very self-involved and selfish is a prime example. In the article, “Millennials Are Actually More Generous Than Anybody Realizes,” it states, “A recent Reason-Rupe poll shows that a majority of Americans, including millennials themselves, describe the generation as “selfish” and “entitled” (Schulte). People recognize the negatives over the positives and this is hurting this generation. Social media is portraying this generation as self absorbed because posting a picture and seeing how much attention you're receiving is in the forefront. As a college student, I witness this everyday. Anytime one of my friends posts a picture on instagram at a social event or just a picture of themselves, they see how many “likes” they receive on the picture. If they
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