Negotiation Checklist

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The Negotiation Checklist is a list that helps to prepare you for negotiation. The list consists of four parts: you (the negotiator), the other party (them), the situation or environment, and the relationship between the parties. According to Tripp, “The well prepared negotiator knows the playing field and the players, is seldom surprised, and can promptly capitalize on opportunities.” In the first part of the negotiation checklist, self-assessment is necessary in order to determine what you want out of the negotiation process. You must determine the goals that you have in this negotiation, so you can determine what you want out of the deal or process. After the goals are set, each issue must be determined then be assessed as to…show more content…
Now as a graduate student, I do the accelerated format while working full time as well as having an online business. It is much easier to negotiate something that you experience firsthand. It is also easier to build a relationship with someone that you have something in common with. The more that you have in common with a prospective student, the more level the playing field and trust built. When I talk to a student, I always want to build rapport with each interaction. I know that if student is satisfied in their admissions process, they are more likely to refer other students to attend Indiana Tech. When this happens, it makes the negation process easier because they know and trust you because someone referred them to you. I feel that if you are a good negotiator, the other party or the situation that you are negotiating with doesn’t really matter. A good negotiator always has several alternatives, so that they don’t get stuck in negotiations or a situation. You have to know what you are doing and if it will benefit you in a negotiation. I feel that the most important part of negotiation is relationship building. When you build a solid relationship on trust, you are more likely to come to agreements even if you have to come up with different alternatives. I know that when I buy or negotiate things, I like to go to people I have a solid foundation with. If I don’t know someone then I ask
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