Negotiation & Communication - Article Review Essay

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Matthew A. Hudnall

Negotiations and Communications

Part One

Article Review

Amberton University

Negotiation Skills MGT5193.E1

Dr. Timothy Staley

Fall 2010

All communication is cultural, suggests the article by Liangguang Huang. Professionals at every skill level are asked to communicate with a number of different cultures in today’s business world. The virtual business world continues to grow and reach parts of the globe that otherwise would have remained untouched.

From the time we are born and become aware of the world around us we learn both verbal and non-verbal forms of communication. Chinese companies now do business with
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Knowing with whom you are dealing with is half of the battle. Showing respect and a genuine regard for another’s culture is the first step in reducing a negotiating blunder.

In an increasingly globalized workplace, the ability to communicate effectively across cultures is important. The quality of communication experienced by individuals plays a significant role in the outcomes of intercultural interactions, such as cross-border negotiations.

The article points out issues that are important and obvious. I think people tend to get caught up in their day-to-day lives and forget that not everyone does things the same way as “we” do. Perspective has a lot to do with this. I, for one, have had the opportunity to travel the world and meet many different people. I have fought in a war, been to numerous countries, and spent time with people of different cultures. What this article fails to mention is that some of the issues in negotiating with different cultures is happening right under our noses in the United States. I have witnessed what can happen, for example, when a person from Florida tries to communicate with someone from the North East.

The key variables that affect effective negotiation and communication are the same across the board, however, whether you are trying to communicate across the Atlantic or across the Mason Dixon Line. Something as simple as a hand shake can be taken the wrong way depending on the culture.
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