Negritude Positive?

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Name: Ginea Dean
Lecturer: Dr. Ada McKenzie
Section: 20
Due Date: February 14th, 2013
Informal Text-Based Argumentative Essay

Negritude’s positive? Yes the ideology is, but why must we waste our time searching for our racial identity, heritage, and culture? Why waste our precious time searching for racial identity, when we could use that time to fight for equality between the races? You tell us, when we find our racial identity what then must we do with it? Continue to be restricted from doing certain things and going certain places because of our racial line? I agree with Du Bois’s argument, that racial identification is a hindrance and that it distracts us from the more important goal of fighting for equality between the races. …show more content…

It takes away discrimination, it allows everyone to realize that we are all equal no matter what racial group we belong to or what shade of color our skin is, but to remind us that we are all one. Caste system in The Concept of Race was described to as a dark cave and prison by Du Bois. Displaying how entombed souls are hindered in their development, expression, and natural movement. That racial identity acted as shackles around his feet, what is so funny is that in Leopold Sedar Senghor Negritude: A Humanism of the Twentieth Century negritude was described as being an instrument of freedom. Negritude is not an instrument of liberation, but an ideology that allows us to be aware of our racial identity, heritage and culture. Therefore negritude is just an idea that makes us aware of our race, nothing more nothing less. To destroy the caste system we need equality to release entombed souls so they don’t be hindered from development, expression, and natural movement as well as to break the shackle from around our feet so that we can be truly free. Negritude: A Humanism of the Twentieth Century was challenged by The concept of Race. I say this because in A Humanism of the Twentieth Century negritude was said to be an instrument of liberation but in The Concept of Race it acted as chains around Du Bois feet. The Concept of Race challenges Negritude by stating that you suppose to be an instrument of freedom, but

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