Nelson Mandela: He Made His Mark on History

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Think of something in life that is awful that is happening in our world that you want to see go away, such as cancer. Now think of the government telling our country we couldn’t search for the cure for cancer because it was now illegal. You’d be pretty livid right? I mean its cancer; no one wants cancer to exist. Would you try to fight for the right for people to search for the cure? Would you step in as a leader to fight for that cause, no matter the consequences? What qualities would you need to lead? What is the one you need the most? I think the most important quality in a leader is to be inspiring. You have to motivate others to take action with you. Being inspiring is important because without being inspirational, you won’t have followers to support you, you can’t get your point across effectively, and you won’t be memorable. I am inspirational to others when I write. I try to be motivational and try to help people make a difference even though they are just one person. My goal is when someone reads my writing, they want to go out and make a difference somewhere, somehow, no matter how big or small the issue is. Writing is one of my great tools I use to get people to inspire and open the eyes of my peers. Nelson Mandela was so inspirational to people about getting rid of apartheid. From his speeches to his saintly personality, Mandela had many followers. One situation he portrayed his inspirational beliefs was when he had to create a secret army to fight against
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