Neo Marxist Perspective On Mass Media

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Mass Media forms such as television, radio, and the press are predominantly owned by the bourgeoisie, increasing the likelihood that the media is filled with capitalist ideologies encoded in the texts to be decoded and consumed by the masses. The extract ‘Media as Manipulation? Marxism and Ideology’ from ‘Media, Culture and Society: An Introduction’ by P. Hodkinson (2011) explores several Marxist and Neo-Marxist perspectives on mass media. It also discusses the ways in which the media influences life in a capitalist society. This summary will provide a critical review of the extract and the various perspectives it presents.
The extract begins by introducing the founder of Marxism- Karl Marx and establishing the fundamental ideologies of Marxism. Marxism is a critical perspective that generally focuses on the oppressive and exploitative nature of capitalist society. The fundamental argument of Marxism is that the proletariat is exploited by the bourgeoisie to sustain a state of capitalism. ‘The capitalist system perpetuates the power of the bourgeoisie, who control the means of production and ensure the subversion of the proletariat, whose labour is hired in order to produce objects that generate wealth.’ (Hodkinson, 2011; 106) Marx claims this interdependent class relationship is maintained through a false consciousness achieved using societal aspects including the media to distract from the harsh reality of capitalism- this is known as the mode of production. Karl Marx
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