Neo Smartphone : A New Creation

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NEO smartphone is a new creation we have established in the UK markets. It is a smartphone similar to iPhone and Samsung but better and cheaper and long lasting. We got this idea, as not everyone is able to afford other expensive gadgets.

Our company is in a partnership at the moment and if the product is successful we would change it and make it into public ltd company.

As a partnership each member has put in £2000 for the making of the product to the final step in selling the product.

The advantages and disadvantages of a Private ltd company

Restricted Liability: It implies that if the organization experience money related misery due to typical business action, the individual resources of shareholders won 't be …show more content…

Each member has been allocated its own duties in promoting this new product and getting the best out of it.

The responsibility of Advertising manager

Advertising managers are in advancing, showcasing and promoting an organization 's items. They keep up close meeting expectations associations with all offices inside an organization and working personally with the showcasing division.

The responsibility of Marketing manager

Marketing managers. Marketing managers build up the company 's advertising method in point of interest. With the assistance of subordinates, including item improvement administrators and statistical surveying supervisors, they appraise the interest for items and administrations offered by the firm and its rivals. Moreover, they distinguish potential business sector

The responsibility of General manager

Needs to devise and set up a yearly plan and financial arrangement, and present it before the governing body. He needs to plan involved reports of the working of every last one of divisions under his power, and submit reports to the top administration for execution survey. A general manager can even have imperative influence in enlisting and preparing the supervisors under him. Giving preparing to new practice managers in regards to how to expand representative execution, is likewise his obligation.

The responsibility of Training and development manager

Advising organization

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