Human Resources Summary : The Management Team Essay

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Our company will consist of four main departments – sales and marketing, administration, finance, and production and distribution.

The sales and marketing department will be responsible for researching markets and conducting environmental scans, creating marketing strategies to reach target markets, and expanding product lines. This department will be headed by a Sales Director and a Marketing Director. The Sales Director is responsible for building customer relationships, setting sales objectives and quotas, managing sales volumes and selling prices, and product mix expansion. The Sales Director will also be responsible for customer service, meaning that they will be interacting with customers and satisfying their needs and solving their problems to the best of their abilities. Some qualities the Sales Director must have are listed below.
Strong leadership skills
Strong interpersonal skills
Strong communication skills
Prior experience in sales
Minimum education of Ontario Secondary School Diploma or equivalent
The Marketing Director will be responsible for developing and applying the brand strategy, conducting market research and analysis, creating and implementing the marketing strategy, and setting and meeting marketing goals. They are also responsible for expanding product lines in conjunction with the Sales Director. When necessary, the services of external sources such as marketing consultants may be used. Some

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