Net Neutrality And The Freedom Of The Internet

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In order to understand what the issues the governments face it’s important that people understand what the internet access is and how Net Neutrality plays an immense role in freedom of the internet. In FreePress (2017) define Net Neutrality to be the basic principle that internet service providers of ISP’s will not be able allowed to speed up, slow down, or block any website that you wish to access. The basic principle implies that people will have control over what websites they choose without having the media companies infringe on their privacy or access by slowing it down or shutting it down. As the internet facilitates freedom of speech it’s important the people have a platform that will allow people to partake in a sacred democratic value. In providing access for people to communicate online, the internet service providers should provide open networks and should not be able to block or discriminate against any application or the content that is displayed on the network. In the United States, freedom of speech is an inherent privilege afforded to us as one of our constitutional rights. These rights, specifically the 1st amendment, allow us to voice our thoughts whether these thoughts are expressed through writing or speaking. Having the internet, is one of the many platforms that allows us use of our constitutional right, and to restrict our access is censorship. A censorship of our ideologies and in turn a violation of our constitutional rights. This ideology

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