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Contents of Netflix In this section, I would like to show some contents in Netflix. There are many popular and famous contents in Netflix. Firstly, it is Walking Dead. The genre of Walking Dead is survival, horror and post-apocalyptic. The story of Walking Dead is when people died, people become zombie, it called walker. survivors try to find hope. However, there are many fight for survive. It is not only fighting to zombie, also fighting to survivors. The Walking Dead is really popular in the world. Some video streaming service companies provide this series. There are 8 seasons of the series. It is able to watch like binge-watch. My friend recommend to watch Walking Dead to me. He is Hulu user. Hulu provides new episode of Walking dead…show more content…
These contents are Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist. These contents also provide by Netflix. It is making people spending money to Netflix. There is possibility that people might subscribe Netflix because of these famous contents(Cinematoday, 2015) Country In Netflix, each country has different service and contents. Netflix in Japan provide Japanese subtitle, Japanese language and Japanese movies. And also, there are many Japanese animations. original contents are also interesting. Netflix spent 6 billion dollars for making original contents in the world. In 2016, the whole original contents became 600 hours. In 2017, Netflix has plan to increase original contents 1200 hours. The chief contents officer, Ted Sarandos said the purpose of providing more original contents is that to make difference with competitor. Moreover, original contents help to deepen relations with Netflix users. exclusive contents are able to people like Netflix more. It is very important role for us.(Kano, 2016) In 2016, Netflix started provide new original contents, Hibana which started streaming 190 countries. the half of viewer accessed from overseas. Hibana is bestseller book. The writer is Japanese comedian, Naoki Matayoshi. The novel, Hibana won Japanese famous book award. Netflix can get Japanese fans and International fans. Netflix provide different contents in some country. In Japan, people can watch many Japanese drama and animation. There is sometime voucher of free a
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