Network Connectivity Issues Can Crop Up At Any Time

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Network connectivity issues can crop up at any time and the issues seen could be related to any area of the network or Internet that a user is connected. There are several programs that could be used to help determine where the error or issue may reside. The four programs that will be reviewed are ipconfig, ping, tracert and nslookup. Ipconfig is a program on Windows systems that show network settings for the network adaptors on the computer system. Microsoft describes ipconfig as “Displays all current TCP/IP network configuration values and refreshes Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) and Domain Name System (DNS) settings” (“Ipconfig,” n.d.). Running ipconfig without any options will show the adaptor’s IP address, subnet mask and default gateway settings. To gain more information about the adaptor the “/all” option should be used (Figure 1). Two items that is important is DCHP Enabled and the DHCP server. If DHCP Enabled is set to yes, then the IP address is supplied by the DHCP server. The next program could be used to determine if the host could communicate with the DHCP server and other hosts or network devices. Ping is used to determine if a host or network device is reachable on the network. Ping can be thought of like ping-pong. The ping command sends out a request to an IP address and waits for a response. If a host or network device is running, setup to respond to ping requests and the response is sent within the timeout, then a response

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