CMIT 6381: Part 1: Network Services Design

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Network Design Proposal
Part 1: Network Services Design
Armstrong Mbah
Prof Douglas Shameer
CMIT 265 6381 Fundamentals of Networking
February 11, 2017

Introduction An application that runs at the network application layer and above is referred to a network service. These services are important because they provide data storage, manipulation, as well as presentation. UMUC College needs to automatically assign IP addresses to the devices that are connected to its network. Additionally, the DHCP server help in centrally managing its address space, as any changes to network configurations will be done centrally to the server. Currently, emails have become one of the official communication means in many organizations; therefore, UMUC …show more content…

Configuration of the DNS server will be performed appropriately, so as to guarantee that the incoming mail will be send to the correct host. DHCP Server- DHCP server will automatically allocate IP addresses and other network configuration related information to the hosts connected to the UMUC College. It is clear that students will be connecting and interconnecting to and from the College’s wireless network. Therefore, the server will give short leases to the devices that request for IP addresses. This will make it possible for such IP addresses to be reassigned to other host machines that will need to connect to the organization’s wireless network.
The network will have two DHCP servers and the IP addresses space for each subnet will be distributed between the two servers. This is important because, in case one server fails, the host machines can continue to obtain IP addresses and other network related configuration information from the second server [2]. In order to avoid the possibility of having more than one host machines been allocated the IP address from the two DHCP servers, each server will have its own range of IP address space to distribute. In case more than one device is assigned the same IP address, it is only one machine that will be able to access the internet and communicate with others that are connected to the organization’s

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