Network Security Essay

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Network Security

You can think of network security as an insurance policy in a dangerous new world. In the good old days of centralized processing, is all you had to do was simply lock the computer room door and restrict entrance access. Those days are long gone in light of decentralized processing, the internet and vast communi-cation networks. Personal data and transaction security through networks is of paramount concern when processing through the expanding networks held by government and private enterprises. Network security in itself refers to a collection of tasks or plans that are implemented to ensure data privacy. An overall plan is enacted with security profiles enacted on a multilevel structure allowing various
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Your medical records are another critical information area. From medical records, not only can wrongdoers get medical information about you but really good tidbits like psychological problems you're encountered and maybe even your sexual orientation. Lesser types of juicy intrusions involve trespassing into grocery store discount card purchases. While this may seem quite minor, it is not. Do you really want strangers to know all of the huge purchases you've made of booze and cigarettes? Do you want people to know you're a boozing smokestack? What about your credit bureau? Boy, if your credit bureau gets mixed up, that could keep you from getting a house. It could keep you from a lot of things. Your dreams could fade away, all because of fraud. Quite clearly, network security in today's information age is of paramount concern.


The first and easiest types of network attacks comes from hackers. Hackers are people typically using a home computer to gain access to systems they shouldn't be in and indeed the access is usually illegal. Hackers more and more are hell-bent on obtaining proprietary information, be it on a company or individual. If individ-ual personal information is obtained, that information can be used for a wide array of identity-theft crimes from credit card fraud to bank account fraud. The list could be almost endless. On the other side, if company proprietary information is ob-tained, that
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