Network Systems And Their Topology Essay

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Network Systems

As one of the representatives of Corner Shop Realtor, I would like to present the advantages and disadvantages of network systems and their topology. Changing the system of data management in the company will allow the company to keep data more organised and secured, as well as give the company opportunity to expand in other fields of business.

Network systems are divided into several categories, depending on their properties and use.

The smallest network is a PAN (Personal Area Network) - currently the most common is wireless networks used in offices or homes, which typically includes a computer, printer and mobile devices. This is a small personal network, used to transmit data at the lowest level, which can operate independently of the Internet connection. The individual devices are connected to it, in most cases using a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi module.
LAN (Local Area Network) is a local area network, which can be extended to multiple computers or other devices, e.g. a larger office, hotel or apartment building. LAN allows its users to use the same resources and applications, as well as transfer or exchange files. Communication can take place using copper wires or wireless Wi-Fi, and can be independent of the Internet - as long as a network card is available.
Individual LAN networks link to the larger network of MAN (Metropolitan Area Network), a municipal network. The connection between local networks is via fibre optic cables, or radio waves.

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