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In the poem, “Never Give All the Heart” by William Butler Yeats, the speaker of the poem is a man with a broken heart. Literally, the poem speaks about a man blinded by love, who has given his whole heart to a woman just to have it broken. The speaker also belittles women in the poem because he wants to let those who are reading know that women are definitely not always what they seem. The poem insinuates that the speaker was a player in the woman’s game of love and had lost.
By simply reading the title of the poem, one realizes that Yeats is giving out a warning to never love wholeheartedly. In the opening lines of the poem, “Never give all the heart, for love / Will hardly seem worth thinking of”, the speaker continues his warning. …show more content…

This is a message that I personally disagree with.
The reason I chose this poem is mostly the discrepancy I have towards the message. I think that one should love wholeheartedly. Although there is the chance of ending up heartbroken, one would never know what love is truly like if he or she would not take the risk of fully loving another person. Just because William Butler Yeats had his heartbroken by a cruel woman does not mean that others will end up with the same fate. Yes, if one is “deaf and dumb and blind with love” in my opinion, he or she will end up heartbroken. However, if one is smart about giving their heart away and gives it to the right person then they have a good chance of ending up happy. Therefore, I believe that everyone should take the chance and love with all of their heart but do it carefully, and no matter what the outcome; they would still have the experience of loving unconditionally.

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