New Approaches to Software Testing Essay

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Software Testing can be termed as process of validating and verifying a computer program with intent to check whether it meets the requirements which guided in design and development, ensure that system works as expected, system is implemented with desired characteristics and satisfies the needs of its stake holders. This process consumes nearly 50% of product development costs, hence is a costly and time consuming process. The growing complexity of modern software applications has triggered tester’s interest in leveraging new approaches to improve software quality.
Software Testing is classified into following types based on the various criteria:
• Source of test generation.
• Life cycle phase in which testing takes place
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Test process models classify testing process based on the various Software Development Lifecycle models adopted in development process like Waterfall model, Spiral model, Agile model, Test driven development. The testing includes the corresponding tailored models of testing for the model used in SDLC.
Software testing is intended to find errors and defects during the software product development. Therefore sufficient effort is required to ensure that system is in line with the requirements of the corresponding phase. Manual generation of test cases and applying them on the System under Test (SUT) is a laborious process and depends on skill and expertise of the tester performing the process of testing. A test Engineer has to keep track of several issues during testing like what test cases shall exercise the program, ensure maximum coveragability, determine whether adequate testing has been done, check whether sufficient test cases are available to meet the testing requirements on time, approaches and methods involved in testing, extent of automation in testing etc.. As the above process involves much human intervention, the efficacy of the process is not consistent.
To ensure the better outcome as for the result of the efforts, the process of software testing needs to be automated. Automation of software testing involves testing the software with robust

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