New Laws Necessary After the Agawa Canyon Disaster Essay

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Create five (5) laws needed by the group stranded in Agawa Canyon.
The five laws needed by the group stranded in Agawa Canyon to survive until they are rescued are:
1. The decisions of the group is governed by a vote, majority of the votes wins the dispute. If in any case there should be an even number of votes on both sides of the decision, a conference is held where all members must speak their mind on why the decision they chose is correct. If the decision remains at a 50/50 vote,
2. Food, drinks, electronics and all belongings (other than clothes) will be stocked together and distributed equally amongst the group. As well, space available will be also divided equally. If any member has a dispute, they must refer to law 1. Trading …show more content…

If a serious case occurs, all members of the group must aid the sick / injured person. If a member is caught deceiving the group, punishment will be inflicted upon them (refer to the last 3 sentences of law 3)

Do these laws differ from our present day laws or are at least some of them similar?
These laws do differ from present day laws but do not steer away from the big picture. The laws I created both relate to how everyone is treated equally in a society as well as that everyone must contribute to keeping society at a level where everyone is happy and comfortable. My laws are not complex enough to hold a society or country for a long period of time but get the job done in a case of emergency (just like the Agawa Canyon disaster).
Provide a punishment for one of your laws if it is broken and briefly explain why you believe the punishment to be just and fair.
A punishment for law 3 should be given. If this law is broken, the punishment is the ration of food for the perpetrator will be lowered to 50% of the original amount until over 75% of the group decides it is time to give back the perpetrators ration supply that was originally given to him/her. If the offender does this frequently, they will be given work to pay off the damages or setbacks they have caused the group (this goes for every person, no matter their importance). If the perpetrator does not follow

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