New Product Development and Understanding the Consumer Behaviour

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INTRODUCTION ABOUT THE COMPANY: “Vision Future” is an enterprise operating in the areas of Outsourcing, Market Research, Brand & financial management. They are currently working across 6 locations across India viz. Ahmadabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, and Patna with head office at Pune. Vision future contribute towards the growth of an organization and an individual by creating better ways of supporting business through an understanding of functional as well as industry specific expertise. They consistently work hard to add value to their clients and thereby thriving on “Vision of future” to provide high impact solutions to business in areas of Consulting & Process outsourcing. The company offers a high degree of expertise…show more content…
To please the clients, one can focus only on a select number of accounts or customers to sustain your business. If one decide to get as much clients as possible, there is risk that one will spread yourself too thin that the quality of the work eventually suffers. To quote a few similar examples: A solo home-based web designer, cannot mass market his services as one can only create a limited number of web pages in a day. A massage specialist can only massage a finite number of clients before her hands give up. A wedding consultant can coordinate a few clients at one time to ensure optimum service. Selling a service is more difficult than selling a tangible product. Consumers are much less certain when they are buying a service, since what they are buying is merely a promise that someone will do something for them in a way that will satisfy their expectations The few criteria which Vision Future has to keep in mind before marketing itself: 1. Referrals. The recommendation of a satisfied client or a professional colleague is often the most effective way of bringing in new clients. People tend to view recommendations from those who have previously used the service as highly credible, and are more inclined to use the recommended service. Referrals, however, do not always come easily. Most often, one have to ask for it. If one of the clients seem satisfied with the service, request him or her

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