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Millennium Brooklyn High School located in the heart of Park Slope, Brooklyn is a school founded in 2011 for students seeking accelerated education in hopes to prepare them for college. The student population of Millennium High School is about 570 students and offered a range of classes from AP courses, English, Sciences, Math, Humanities, Foreign Languages and Social Studies. In addition, students may participate in extracurricular activities such as sports (competing within PSAL) or clubs within the school grounds. Millennium Brooklyn High School offers a demanding well-rounded academic program. Millennium Brooklyn High School mission “is to prepare students for college and life-long success through a rigorous academic program that is…show more content…
Her peers who are taking Earth Science are struggling as well. The classes she is taking this semester are theatre, Spanish, geometry, humanities (combination of English, literature and social studies), earth science and AVID. Her favorite color is turquoise. She loves to drink orange juice and eat rice and chicken. On her spare time she loves to dance and sing. She is a frequent flyer traveling back from Haiti, Dominican Republic and Canada, especially after Haiti’s devastating earthquake. She is a very delightful person to be around.
Zoe is a petite girl about five feet tall. She has big luscious eyes with medium size ears. Her lips are wide and full and her nose is portion to her oval face. Her eyebrows are arced and shaped nicely. Zoe hair has a perm texture and her hair type is of 1B color and 4C hair type, as it would be defined at a natural hair salon for black girls/women. Zoe had on a white shirt with black writing on it. She wore a light blue pair of jeans that were cut up from the thighs to the knees. Her sneakers were black and white vans and her backpack was gray. Her nails were cut short with no nail polish. She wore silver metal stud earrings with a matching silver metal thin necklace. Overall Zoe looks like a normal teenager going to school.
Zoe has a strong presence in the classroom. She may start out to be shy but as the period
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