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1. Horn, FW, Keough, C (1999). Better Homes and Gardens New Teen Book. New York: Meredith Books. p24. From the bothersome pimple on the tip of the nose and roller-coaster emotions to sex, drugs, and rock 'n ' roll, this authoritative, practical and easy-to-use reference helps readers deal with the teen years in a complicated world. 2. Froeschle, Janet G. et al.. “Strategies to Prevent and Heal the Mental Anguish Caused by Cyberbullying”. Middle School Journal 39.4 (2008): 30–35. The purpose of this article is to enlighten teachers, school administrators, and school counsellors about this new technological danger, describing the warning signs to help recognize both victims and perpetrators, and detail school-and home –based strategies for preventing cyberbullying and healing those affected by the phenomenon. 3. Subrahmanyam, Kaveri, and Patricia Greenfield. “Online Communication and Adolescent Relationships”.The Future of Children 18.1 (2008): 119–146. The purpose of this article is to examine adolescents’ relationship with friend, romance partners, strangers, and their family in the context of their online communication activities. 4. Hinduja, SK, Patchin, JW (2014). Bullying Beyond the Schoolyard: Preventing and Responding to Cyberbullying. 2nd ed. California: Corwin. This book is an essential guide is completely updated with new research findings and evolving best practices for prevention and response to cyberbully, including: Summaries of recent legal rulings related to

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