New York Youth Center ( N.y.y.c )

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There are many children throughout the country committing delinquent acts that are causing harm to our society. How do we prevent that? New York Youth Center (N.Y.Y.C) will target individuals between the ages of 10 and 12. Around these ages they start breaking curfew, cutting classes, drinking and other status delinquent behaviors.

The relationship children have between their parents is the most significant factor in preventing delinquent acts. N.Y.Y.C will aim to ensure that a child is not being neglected. One example is if the parents are always busy at work, the child will not get any form of discipline from his/her parents. This will result in a disobedient relationship with his or her parents, which may cause the child learn from the outside. I want parents to show children love, and communicate with their children. From this, they will be able to know their children 's interests. Another example is if a child enjoys playing sports, the parents might be able to enroll their child in an after school sport program that can keep the child busy until they come home from work. This would help form a bond and the parents and child could communicate about what the child did at school and afterschool. Rather than engaging themselves in criminal behaviors outside activities.

The goals of N.Y.Y.C are to decrease the juvenile delinquency rates in this age range. I hope to prevent pre-teens from becoming delinquents before they set into older or bigger crime by guiding and

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