Nhl Lockout

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NHL 's lockout

September 16, 2004 the National Hockey League had a labour dispute that led to a lockout. The dispute was about the end of the collective bargaining agreement (CBA). The National Football League has a working salary cap for the teams in their league. NHL is trying to establish the same type of system that the NFL has. The negotiation between the NHL Players association and the NHL did not come easy. The disagreements were that NHL clubs spent too much on player 's salary. The clubs spent over 76 percent of their revenue on the players. With the salary cap the NHL was trying to instill, players felt that the idea was unfair and inflexible. The players didn 't want to cut their salaries.
The fact is that the NHL
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In Europe 388 NHL players played in Europe because of the lockout. Russia, Sweden, and Czech Republic all tried and cash in on Americas misfortune not keeping their hockey league. America doesn 't want another strike like they had because it makes the players look selfish and the NHL look unstable to outside countries and the public in America.
The Consequences of the lockout the season is increasing popularity in other sports and recreational activities. NHL lockout is one of the reasons people turn to different ways to spend their time like Texas hold 'em. The popularity of Texas hold 'em has definitely benefited from the lockout replacing "stud poker" as the most commonly played card game in the United States. Televised events like Worlds Championship Poker gained TV ratings due to the helping of the NHL lockout. That is one of the reasons TV networks like ESPN is not bidding for a new contract with the NHL. Instead they have to make individual networks that specializes in the NHL i.e. OLN. Canadian sports such as Canadian Football League has bulster in fan support because they had no hockey to lean on.
Players wanted more favorable salary cap but that will make teams spend over 70 percent of their revenue income on paying players salary. General counsel Bob Goodnow of the NHLPA was so unreasonable against the leagues offer of a salary cap that after the lockout was settle he was

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