Nhs England : The Second Method Of Redress

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NHS England The second method of redress is going through NHS England which is in place for patients that have tried to resolve the situation with the staff that are involved or using the PALS team, if this cannot be resolved then a formal complaint needs to be made where the NHS England supplies two different addresses which the patient can use to complain to. The first stage is Local resolution where they recommend the patient complains to the provider or the commissioner of the health service within 12 months after the event or when the patient became aware of the event while this time if a patient want support with their complaint then the NHS England provides The patient with an independent complaints advocacy service to assistance with complaining. The patient can complaint directly to the NHS England as they can complain to the provider or the commissioner by online complaint form, telephone, email or letter without going through the GP surgery. If the patient is not happy with the response then they are addressed with the second stage where is contact to the Health Service Ombudsman who would investigate the patients complaint. (England-nhs, 2014) The first strength of this method is that the NHS England offers an advocacy service. This will ensure that patients that may not be able to speak for themselves still have the same chance at complaining as they can have help. Another strength is that NHS England has more power than a GP surgery and they have the power to

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