Nicu Clinical Report : Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Doctors

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Jace Sauseda
Clinical Rotation
Mrs. Ysaguirre
17 November 2015
NICU Clinical Report At the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit doctors, nurses, and all staff unite together with one primary goal for each new life they receive, that goal being to achieve the best outcome for each premature and critically ill baby. The NICU, at University Hospital, care for 600 infants annually. Inside is a 58-bed facility, offering the highest level care led by on-site neonatologist (University Health system). The (NICU) is specialized to care for premature infants (those less than 37 weeks gestation) as well as sick newborns. Those born under such conditions have a high risk for many cognitive, neuromotor, and social-emotional issues. It is highly recommended to conduct a premature prompt developmental and therapeutic intervention minimizing neurodevelopmental risk. Over the years science has advanced the platforms of the NICU, increasing infant survival rate by the development of new machinery such as respirators, procedures, and daily physical therapy conducted by not just providing complex assignments of personalized care, but in addition to the establishment of a number of discipline-specific direct therapy interventions. During my first week, I had a brief encounter with the mother of the infant I had been assigned to feed and monitor. Her baby had been admitted to the NICU due to a disorder known as Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS). Most infants housing the NICU at University Hospital are

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