Night Of The Living Dead Analysis

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Night of the Living Disappointment. When searching for a skin crawling horror movie do not expect zombie history to be your go to search. “Night of the Living Dead” (1968) is opinionated to be the zombie movie that descended into what we have today, but it does not do this title justice. The audio, sound effects, editing, special effects, acting, and much more can leave you feeling annoyed and regretting the time you wasted watching it. So before you sit down with a bucket of buttery fluffy goodness and expect to watch an old and horror filled zombie tale, take a few minutes to find out why you should not.
Audio: sound effects and music. If something action filled is about to happen, you will know it. Like any horror classic an eerie song begins to play before something action packed happens, to raise our emotional levels of suspense. Toying with our emotions is a horror classic, but “Night of the Living Dead” plays that eerie music before, during, and after every minute scary scene. After the first few songs the sense of suspense is long dead (longer than the “Ghouls”). Some added features to help kill your feeling of suspense and scare it out the door are the sound effects. The sound effects in “Night of the Living Dead” are so terrible they are hilarious. The two major sound effects that left an imprint in my mind are the sounds used to suggest someone being punched and the screaming of a certain character during their death scene. In nearly every fight someone or

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