No Country For Old Men By Cormac Mccarthy

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Hieu Nguyen
English Writing 301
Professor Tittle
27 July 2015
Biographical Perspective of No Country for Old Men
Upon reading the book, No Country for Old Men by Cormac McCarthy, readers may be shocked to see the way it is written. Cormac McCarthy’s style of writing differentiates from other famous authors. He does not use correct punctuations such as apostrophes for contraction words and quotation marks around dialogues or use correct sentence forms. His rhetorical mode makes it difficult for the readers to perceive it but there is a reason as to why he writes this way. The reason why his writing style is so different is because of the way his life influences it. Not only does his life influences his writing style, it also influences what happens in his novels. Everything that Cormac McCarthy writes in his books have a purpose. In order to understand McCarthy’s reason for writing so differently and the themes behind No Country for Old Men, the readers would also have to understand the writer’s life and the effect of its influences.
The novel is divided into two parts. It is divided by the different point of views. One point of view is limited omniscient which is written normally and the other point of view is told through the first person written in italics. This is uncommon in most novels and McCarthy did not divided it into two different views for no reason. He used italics for the first person point of view to differentiate the point of views and to portray who the main

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