No Is Just A Setting On The Dryer

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Patsy Clairmont once stated “Normal is just a setting on the dryer”. I am absolutely in love with this quote that my mom shared with me. Whenever I compared myself to anyone, she would always be there to remind me that there is no such thing as “normal”. Everyone is different whether it is the language they speak, the God they follow, the way they move about life, and even the way they learn. Even though everyone’s unique, the one thing that shouldn’t change is the respect they are given. This issue involving children with exceptionalities is brought up many times throughout the field of education. My experiences and morals have shaped the way I see exceptional children, and are going to stick with me as a future educator.
I have always adored children. I am the youngest one in my entire family, so I have been deprived of children my entire life. I have also always had a drive to aid my peers or other students when it came to academics. If my friends were having problems understanding the content, I would be the first one to volunteer to further explain it. When I was a child, I was obsessed with “playing school”. It was my favorite pastime. I would pull out my humongous white board, and write out math problems on the board and solve them. I used to print out homework assignments, grade them, and put them in my gradebook. My mom was also a teacher, and is currently the special education director of my hometown. She is probably one of my biggest influences, and has always

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