A Doll's House False Love

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For a play about marriage A Doll’s House does not have much love in it. All of the characters claim to love each other, but are really concealing other emotions. The expectations of society have forced them into love that they do not feel. This false love is what causes them to fall apart in the end. The play is riddled with marriages that are born out of convenience or expectation rather than love. Every character only loves in ways that they are expected to, and only continue to love for convenience’s sake. There is no love in A Doll’s House.
Torvald treats Nora as a child, not an equal; he is not really in love with her. The most glaring examples of this are his pet names for her. He likes to think of her as a small, delicate …show more content…

He did it for his own benefit.
Despite her claims to the contrary, Nora never loved Torvald. Nora does often say that she loves Torvald, or at least that she used to love him. However he attitude toward him seems downright spiteful to him. For instance, she eats macaroons because he has forbidden them. She does not tell him about borrowing the money, because she is saving this important fact for when “Torvald's stopped being so fond of me… then it might be a good idea to have something up my sleeve”(19). She does not save him for love as she claims; it is so that she could have something over him so that when she becomes older and uglier he will have some reason to respect her. This is not an appropriate way to display love. Saving his life is not the action of a dutiful wife, but those of a spiteful and clingy person. Even though the action seemed like it was done out of fear of being alone, when she is asked why she borrowed the money she does not say that it was to save her husband, but to save her “beautiful, happy home”(19). She does not save Torvald, she saves her lifestyle. She is married to Torvald so that she can have this comfortable lifestyle, not because she loves him.
Dr. Rank does not love Nora; he is only infatuated with her. His confession of love seems so genuine and powerful that his love could be the only genuine love in the play. But further

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