Noise In Digital Communication

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Digital communication is popular way how many people in the word communicate. Even being one of the most popular modes of communication, digital communication still has many problems. Digital communication is defined as communication that is transfer electrically. Digital technology makes, stores and processes data. This data is transfer into bits. Digital communication is a very broad field. There are different types of noises in communication and digital systems. Noise is “variations that interface with the desired signals and inhibit communication”. Professor Niknejad stated “noise is an ever present part of all systems”. Noise comes from the channels and in the communication equipment (Brown). Most of the noise is consider undesired in most cases (Brown). The noise is usually random (Brown). An example of unwanted noise that humans hear can be sight hissing and humming when having a telephone conversation (Rouse). In digital communication noise cannot be avoided entirely (Brown). Professor Niknejad wrote that “noise degrades the throughput because it requires retransmission of data packets or extra coding to recover the data in the presence of errors”. There are three ways that noise can be reduce in communication and digital systems (Brown). The first way is to reduce the signal bandwidth. Another way is to increase the transmitter power. The final way to reduce noise in communication and digital systems is to use low-noise amplifiers for weak signals.
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