Communication Systems

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UNIT 501 Use of development systems that promote communication

1.1 Facilitate the development of SMART objectives and work plans with team members


Specific goal rather than generalise goals. You must tell exactly what is expected, why its important, who is involved, where its going to happen and which attributes are important.

Your specific goal should cover - who is involved where- identify a location why- specific reasons or purpose which- identify requirements and constraints


All goals must be measurable to then measure the progress towards the successful outcome, to measure progress is to monitor and access success and achievement.

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Where there may be communication barriers it can affect a clients behaviour due to frustration that individual may be feeling.
A client may begin to feel angry because the communication barrier could be affecting there needs, wishes, wants, rights, requests and preferences.
A communication barrier may assist a client in feeling sad, lonely, depressed, causing lack of interaction and engagement, also possible deterioration of health and non compliance.

Barriers may be-

a verbal communication barrier, mute client tools and aid communication and emotion cards and charts makaton /sign language poor relationships/ rapports between staff and clients= communication barriers may cause challenging behaviour.

Lack of communication can cause barriers between staff and clients resulting in poor level of care, client confusion,agitation and challenging behaviour.
Lack of communication between a client and there family can cause upset, deterioration of mental health, physical health, effecting recovery and treatment causing client to possibly feel sad, depressed, lonely, rejected and neglected.
Poor communication between staff among themselves can also result in poor care of the clients, lack of organisation and lack of professionalism.

Unit 501

1.4 Implement a strategy to overcome communication barriers

Strategy to overcome communication barriers , firstly state all anticipated barriers that may impact upon others causing challenging behaviour.
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