Nokia's Business Innovations Essay

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Nokia is a mixture of three major companies. They are Nokia Ab, Finnish Cable Works and Finnish Rubber. They are joined officially. The Nokia consists of five businesses. They are rubber, cable, forestry, electronics and power generation. The nokia company became a household name arond the world in the 1980's.
Nokia made a radio telephone mobira oy as a joint venture with leading finnish television maker Salora. The world's first international cellular network NMT (nordic mobile telephone service) was launched. The NMT grew so fast and the mobile industry began to expand rapidly. The first Nokia phone was introduced by Nokia. It is called Mobira Senator. Nokia also launches the mobira talkman portable car phone. Nokia also …show more content…

Almost 350 million mobile phones contains the game and was being played.

Leading the world:
Nokia is the world leader in mobile phones. The decision to concentrate only on telecommunications and early investment in GSM has made Nokia to become the world leader in mobile phones. In a span of five years , Nokia's turnover increased almost 5 times from 6.5 billion euroes to 31 billion euroes. This enhanced Nokia to improve the technology and bought many new features in the mobile phones later.
Nokia products-multitasking mobiles:
• Nokia launches the 7110 series. In this web based options like e-mail are included.
• Nokia launches the first phone with a built in camera. It was launched through the Nokia 7650 series.
• Nokia launches the first phone with a video capture facility with the Nokia 3650 series.
Nokia launches the first third generation phone(3G). The first 3G phone was Nokia 6650. With the advent of 3G technology phones are used for multi purposes as browsing the web, watching television, download the music and many more. The phones are no longer used for just calls after the 3G technology came into picture.
Best selling product of Nokia :
Nokia launched a handset by name Nokia 1100. This product was the best selling mobile phone of all the time. It has shipped almost 200 million units. It was recognised as the world's top selling consumer electronics product. Later Nokia is recognised as the 5th most valued brand in the world.

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