Essay on Nonpermanent Status of Movie Music in History

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It is difficult to imagine a movie in which doesn’t have music. For instance, imagine the movie Inception. Without any music, this movie is likely to be a slow-moving, boring film with excessive close-ups of Leonardo DiCaprio. In addition, Jesse Eisenberg and Co.’s fast-paced whines would annoy a large number of audiences. As this example shows, Music in movies is important. However, this importance was not always fixed. It was increased in film history. Starting as a peripheral element which is played outside movies, movie music was integrated in movies, and finally it became a main element of films.
In the beginning, music was peripheral in first movies. Music was used in movies for the reason that it was good for mood of theater. Before …show more content…

It can be proved especially by sales of OST albums which mean bunches of music played within movies. For instance, 36 million OST albums were sold for Titanic.
Finally, music became main element of movies in some films nowadays. The theatrical production “Musical” came in movies; thus, people just can go to theater and watch musical movies. These movies include music as a main element rather than only a means. Audiences are more likely to remember music in films of this new genre than the story of movies. Mamma Mia is one of them. It is composed of songs of ABBA and the story goes with these songs. Music doesn’t only help the movie, but also is substituted for character’s words as an expression of emotion. Similarly, Les Miserables is another example. In this movie, few lines are there and music was in almost every scene. Moreover, this movie even seems to want to play music, not to show story: its storyline is often cut off so that people who haven’t read novel Les Miserables often confront troubles for understanding plot.
As time has gone by, the technique has been also developed. Besides, with this development of technique, the movie and its use of movie music have been improved. The movie music was peripheral at first, but became vital and is main element nowadays. This increasing can go down and the importance of music in movies can be decreased sometime. However, remember that the importance of music also can return to this state, or rise

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