Nonverbal Communication

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One fine afternoon there was a girl at a panda express creepily watching people and taking notes. You guessed it, that girl was me, and during my subtle note taking on the nonverbal communications between the people at panda I witnessed just how much people rely on nonverbal communications to get their point across. Although I witnessed several encounters of unique body language there were also a few general body language actions that reoccurred several times in several different people. For example, when a customer would approach the counter where employees served the food, the employee would raise their eyebrows and smile at the customer. The employee’s smile, however, did not reach their eyes meaning while it is th9er job to smile and be welcoming to the customer no one likes to serve food all day and she probably wanted to go home. Additionally, I noticed that when customers approached the counter about 90 percent of them had their arms folded. The act of crossing your arms means that people are trying to put a barrier between themselves and a situation that they either don’t like or are uncomfortable with. This may mean that that they were displeased with having to wait in line to get their food or are uncomfortable with making the decision of which kind of meat to get, on the other hand it may mean nothing at all and they are simply comfortable folding their arms. Once they reached the front of the line, every customer pointed to the food they wanted along with

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