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Norma Jean Koch, a woman of many words, and many stories. Norma Jean Koch, or at Presbyterian Manor, Jean Koch, has a history that has many twists and turns. It all begins with her grandfather, who was the Earl of Hathaway, in Germany.

He and other earls came to the United States, most likely as stowaways, and arrived at Ellis Island. From there he was supposed to meet a man to teach him a trade, but this man died on the long months journey to New York. When this happened he became a shoemaker. As soon as he got enough money, he married Anna Canterwin Valpol. Anna was a professional seamstress from France. As Jean recalls it, “All she needed to make a wonderful dress was a notepad, a pen, and a measuring tape. In fact I think she could …show more content…

He was a golfer, and that is what he did to pass the time. After a long fight he finally passed. It did not hit her until he never came home for dinner one night after the time when he would normally be playing golf. “He was a loving man and the final words he said to me were ‘I am happy with everything I have, and I am especially proud, and love having you.

One of the most influential and loving people in her life, also set her up for a “fun” time. Her father, who was a policeman met her mother in Missouri. Then, when they moved to Arkansas City, her father’s life took a turn. One evening a man was molesting women in a Dance Hall, when he was called onto the scene. He took the man into custody, and the man begged to take him home, when he finally obliged, future took a turn for the worse. At the man’s home, her father met a young girl, who was the man’s daughter. She became obsessed with her father, and ended up wrecking the home with her obsession.

“He eventually married that bitch, and she was a horrible step-mom” Jean said. “She was rather abusive, and would hit you as soon as look at you. I much preferred my birth mother, she taught us all to sew and crochet. She was a very nice lady.” And that she was, she taught her all the things you could learn. She now has a home, where her daughter now lives, and her son, takes care of the abode.

She loves her family above all else, and her ending statement to me was, “You can do anything you want, do not let anything

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