Norms Of Single Mothers

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As a society we pretend to know what's best for other people and how other people should behave or live. In all reality we can’t even control or dictate our own lives but we try to with the lives of others. What one person sees as normal is not normal to the person side beside them. There is no book in the world that tells us exactly how we should live and what is the “normal” way and what is not. No one is perfect and we should stop judging them specially on the ways they choose to raise their kids. Not all kids are privileged to be raised with both of their parents, that is not the kids fault. Although people see single mothers as “a bad thing for society” my norms for single mothers are not the same, some of the experiences I have witnessed shaped the way I see single motherhood and as a society we shouldn’t always find something to judge a person by.
When I think of a single mother the first thing that comes to mind is a hard working women that has to do all that's in her power to care and provide for her children. I also think of a hard working, independent women. Unlike the way I view single motherhood “7 in 10 Americans think single mothers are a “bad thing for society.”’ Single mothers are not bad for society they are just not as lucky as other females that have had children. Not all of the girls that decide to have children pick “the right” person to have that kid with. Majority or single mothers are not married but that is just a loss that they have to take

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