North Eastern Mental Health Facility

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The Organization
North Eastern Mental Health Facility is a 250 beds, long term mental residential health facility for adults located right in the center of Palm Beach County. The facility aids those in the community who suffer psychological disorders such as depression, anxiety disorders, adjustment disorders, and dissociative disorders. The facility provides room, board, meals, and counseling and therapy as well as directing patients to where medications can be received. North Eastern also has licensed physicians and psychologists on site who diagnose and determine the appropriate path of treatment needed in order to prepare patients for the outside world and maintain mental health. It is also a place where patients can grow and heal by offering one on one interaction with providers. The facility puts its patients first and is a not-for-profit organization funded by donations and money from the local and state government. This facility is selective about the number of patients admitted yearly. At North Eastern, patients must be hospitalized and diagnosed with a psychological disorder by a licensed care provider with proper documentation before admittance into the facility. In addition, allotted visiting hours and activities are provided for all patients. The hours are 3pm-5pm Monday through Friday and weekends 11am-1pm. Expressive therapy is also practiced by licensed professionals. These activities include using art, music, writing and movement. Patients also go on
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