Nostalgia In Ever-Popular Princess Movies

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For years scholars have studied how nostalgia contributes to the success of the ever-popular princess movie. Scholars attribute the film's success to creating a longing for the simpler male-dominated kingdoms of the past. Recent studies have expanded on previous studies that focused singularly on the nostalgia of a male-dominated kingdom. Instead of exploring the typical role of nostalgia in princess films, recent studies have begun exploring the other aspects of the films that make them successful. These studies offer new ways to explore nostalgia in princess films as well as other genres by examining how the nostalgia for a male-dominated kingdom is used in conjunction with different types of historical nostalgia, nationalism and magical…show more content…
Ewa Mazierska argues that films such as In Desert and Wilderness(2001) play on the nostalgia of a male-dominated kingdom by portraying powerful woman as “deeply shadowy”(Mazierska 176) while portraying princesses as “completely helpless and dependent on men”(177). However, the films also rely on the nostalgia shown for the “revitalization of Polish history”(168). The films gain nostalgia because they are portrayed as “courageous and deeply religious knights” who are “morally and intellectually superior” to those around them(169).This creates a sense of nationalism that boosts the film's success. Similarly, Barbara Klonowska argues that magical realism in polish films relies on the nostalgia for the“idyllic versions of Polish past” (Klonowska 186) that was heavily ordered and male-dominated. She uses an example from Andrzej Wajda’s Chronicle of Amorous Accident(1986) in which a traditional polish village is under attack of the “magic” of “encroaching technological and consumerist civilization”(189). Both studies expand on the traditional nostalgia of princess films and open new pathways for others to explore the combination of nostalgia of kingdoms, nationalism, and magical
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