Not Making Eye Contact And Not Showing Interest

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as not making eye contact and not showing interest in toys. For example, brightly colored toys, moving toys and noise making toys could not get her attention. As a matter of fact, she appeared somewhat lethargic, showing no interest in anything. Marginee` could almost have been considered “non-responsive”. Marginee` was unresponsive to her parents’ voices and showed no real connection to the environment. The new symptoms reassured the parents that there is need for concern. Her parents wondered if her inattentiveness suggested that she was deaf or hard of hearing. A hearing test deemed her hearing to be okay but still, that brought little comfort to her parents. During their time of uncertainty, her parents were unable to collaborate with other family members sharing their concerns, because they were a military family and lived on base, away from family and close friends. As time passed, Marginee`’s symptoms continued to mount. For example; she did not cry when she was hungry or wet; she sat quietly or slept most of the time; she was slow to respond to stimuli; she was slow to respond to her name and finally; she made no attempts to use language. Her father stated that he felt her non-responsiveness generated a feeling of detachment. Her parents concern was heightened when she did not respond to verbal commands even when reinforced by the use of slight physical punishment. For example, at the age of two, she crawled or walked up the staircase and
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